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Somaliland in the future October 2, 2009

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Threats to face after the acceptance of the International Community mediations

Earth is simply a Planet fully occupied by communities of different types (humans and other animals) that have their own nations, lands, and rules and regulations to follow. The existence of these different communities in different parts of the world creates distinctions among them. These distinctions are mainly related to how members of each community understand and agree one another in regard to their conflicts, idea sharing and following the rules set.

Agreement is a term referred to describe one’s acceptance of an idea/suggestion from another one. However, do all the communities in the world have common aims or interest in reaching or activating an agreement? NO

Somaliland has long enjoyed peace and stability brought internally by its people (Elders, Ulimo, business people, politicians, educators, and the community) after going to a long and bitter war against the brutal regime of Mohamed Siyad Barre.

Conflicts had emerged Many times among Somaliland politicians or clans and the last political disagreement was not exceptional. But these conflicts have been extinguished internally by its people, mainly the Ulimo and the elders, without the intervention of foreign hands. However things now seem to have changed.

The appearance of one of the worst political disagreement in Somaliland, activated by varying interests from the parties, has lead to the intervention and introduction of foreign ideas and hands into the country’s mode of negotiations. The parties agreed on memorandum of understanding brainstormed by foreigners and turned down mediations from the chiefs and traditional leaders (citizens). This shows we have deviated from our normal and cultural way of mediations which kept us in existence and peace for 19 years. So what are the threats (our rewards) ahead? RISK (May Allah spare us)

To my point of view, the so called international community- which refuses to accept us as an existing nation, has its own and diversifying interests. Each country will bring points of agreements and insert efforts and money into reaching an agreement so long as their needs and interests are met. However, how logic is it to fulfill the interests from governments with dissimilar interests? If we disrespect the interest of one government, it will work had to ignite more problems in the country and we will pay the price. This is the case in Somaliland at the moment.

There is a Somali proverb which says “Mayd waxaa ugu danbeeyey kaa la sii sido” “the last corpse is the one out to the grave now”. My point is look at our very neighbour, Somalia. It has been in chaos and without peace and central government for 19 years. Yet the international community has invested to the maximum by claiming that they are creating peace and government in Somalia. Compare it to Somaliland and find out the differences. They claim to be creating peace, they create hostility. They build government, civil wars and massacre increase. They bring points to agree, disagreement enlarges in scale. Are we better/brighter than them if we allow the foreigner’s hand in? NO

I suggest that we wait nothing from the International Community. Somaliland is for Somalilanders, not for the International Community. Let us agree internally and dissolve our disagreements silently. That is where the future of Somaliland lies.

God bless Somaliland

Mowlid Hassan Mudan
Hargeisa, Somaliland